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                                                                 DBK Background

 Development Bank of Kiribati was established under "Development Bank of Kiribati Act" 1986 and became operational on 1st August 1987. It is an SOE(State-Owned Enterprise) which is 100% owned by the Government and currently employs 54 staffs. It operates under the direction of Board of directors appointed by the Minister of Finance which consists of 7 members; 6 from the public sector and 1 from private sector. DBK has two main headquarters; Tarawa and a branch on Kiritimati Island and agencies on 6 of the 15 outer island. It raises its resources from borrowing, Government subsidy or injection and from own funds.


                                                                 DBK main objectives

  1. To provide affordable and quality banking services and products to people of Kiribati
  2. To boost economic growth and standards of living as well as employment creation
  3. To increase profitability